Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Magic Belly


"You have a magic belly?" I asked.

Sarah nodded as she rubbed her swollen, pregnant looking belly. "Yep, I'm not actually pregnant but cursed. If I touch a belly with my own, they will become as pregnant looking as me, though that person will actually be pregnant and give birth."

I rolled my eyes, not really believing her. I just moved to the area recently and Sarah was one of the first people I met. I definately felt there were some red flags with her being single and pregnant, but her friendly nature quickly lead to us being friends. We would hang out and I would help her out. Then one day I finally decided to ask her about her situation, and she fed me some story about offending a witch for not wanting to birth children and wishing she could just get other people pregnant instead. Thus she forced Sarah to carry a pregnancy that would never lead to birth, but would allow others to give birth instead.

"You don't believe me," she said with a grin. "Maybe you want to try it first hand?"

I chucked, "It can get men pregnant too?"

"Yep, though it will transform you into a woman for the duration of the pregnancy. You'll turn back into a man afterwards... as long as you desire too during the birth."

I shook my head. "You can't really think I'd believe tha...." but before I could finish, Sarah started stripping off her clothes. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm going to touch my belly to yours and prove it, but it's more fun to do if we're naked," she said with another sly smirk to me. "Now take you're clothes off too, I want to see everything that happen to you."

I still didn't believe her, but having not felt the touch of another woman against me for awhile, I decided to play along and strip down. As the last of our clothes hit the floor and we stood before each other in our bare skin, I took a look at her beautiful body. Her soft skin, fleshy mounds, and swollen tummy. I found myself getting really turned on as she slowly walked up to me.

She continued to smile as she extended her hand towards my body and used a finger to trace down my belly button. "Here we go," she says as she slowly pushed the navel of her large tummy into my own.

As the soft flesh touches me, I feel this strange sensation as if our bellies locked together. "What..." I half heartily comment, trying to understand what was going on. I then felt something flow from her belly into my body... like some sort of weird energy that made me tingle all over. I tried to move away from her, but whatever was flowing into me seems to be zapping my willpower to do so. She giggles and said, "It's too late now... you can't escape my belly till you're a fertile lady with a belly as big as mine".

I open my mouth to plead, but all that came out was a moan as the tingling in my body increased and I began to change. I closed my eyes and felt pleasure as my dick shrunk down into a little clit, and my balls pulled inside me, forming a new puffy pussy on the way in. I felt my balls push deeper and deeper inside me till it reached my abdomen, and then began to bubble and expand into my new uterus... I was now fully equipped to make babies.

As my womb finished developing, I opened my eyes and looked down to discover other changes had been occurring. My body hair was gone and my skin was soft and feminine now. Locks of hair also waved past my eyes as it had grown long and dark. I then looked up at Sarah to realize my height had changed too. Before I had a good 6 inches on her, but now it seem I had shrunk down to where she had a few inches on me. She continued to smile as she gentle spoke, "Almost done... now time to fill you up."

I then felt the flow of energy from her belly increase. I looked down again as I felt things grow and swell. My chest expanded, becoming sensitive fleshy tits sore with milk. My belly pushed forward, and grew bloated and heavy. The access energy also flowed from my womb and out of my new pussy, making it and my clit tingle in the process. I could feel a orgasm building inside me as I moaned and watched myself speed through months of pregnancy.

Finally I could feel myself nearing climax... I closed my eyes, ready to experience my first female orgasm, when suddenly... we separated. The flow of energy stopped. I opened my eyes to see back away slowly as she smiled and studied the shapes of my new body.

"All done," Sarah said gleefully. "You're just over 6 months pregnant now... but don't worry, you'll be ready to 'pop' in no time." 

 I looked down at my naked, swollen, female body. I had tits, curves, and a huge pregnant belly. In a matter of moments Sarah and her belly made me a girl with a bun in the oven... now doomed to experience something I should never have been destine to experience; child birth. I should have been scared... I should have been worried... yet... I wasn't. Instead I was frustrated... and horny.

I lowered my hand between my legs to feel my new sex... it was so wet and sensitive. I easily slipped a finger inside, and immediately moaned at the sensation of being penetrated. I bit my lip... the building orgasm from before was never realized, and now I desperately needed release.

That's when I felt Sarah grab my hand. As if knowing what I was feeling, she lead me to a nearby couch and had me sit down, lay back, and spread my legs. I watched as she then kneeled between my legs. "Let me show you how magic my tongue is too," she said, then gave a sly grin, "Just don't enjoy it too much, or you may never become a man again." She then buried herself into my crotch and began eating out my new muffin. As I laid back, squirming and moaning as Sarah worked my new sex, I thought, "If female orgasm are as good as this feels... maybe I wouldn't mind being a mommy forever."

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