Sunday, October 30, 2022

Stuck as a Female Fuck Toy


This is not how I’d pictured this going at all. Eight months ago I drank a potion to help me live out my secret fantasy... to be a woman. However I didn't want to be just any woman, but another man's fuck toy, compelled to obey every command he gave me. The potion was supposed to last for 24 hours before changing me back to normal... but as I sit here looking up at my master and sucking his dick... my body very female, naked, and pregnant, with my bare pussy dampening the bed sheets below me... I can tell you that things didn't go quite to plan. 

The day I swallowed the potion, it worked quickly to change me from a flat chested average guy to a beautiful chick with soft jiggly tits, some wide hips, and of course the cute little pussy between my legs. I took the time to admire my new form for a bit, sitting on my couch and looking at myself in the mirror. I stared between my legs, mesmerized by my lack of manhood… my dick and balls had been there my whole life till that point, but in their place was the fleshy folds that made up my newly blossomed feminine flower. My body had become so soft and small, and my face was pretty… I couldn’t find a trace of masculinity left in me. I was 100% woman now and ready for a man to dominate me. I made myself up the best I could with some clothes I’d purchased in preparation for tonight and hit a local club as the evening arrived. Part 2 of my fantasy was set to start when I found my would-be owner; someone who both desired me and I desired back. After that I would be at the mercy of their commands till they lost interest in me. 

That person ended up being David... tall and sexy... rich and charming... definitely the man I wanted. Luckily the feeling was mutual, and it wasn't long before he had seduced me=and we were on the way back to his place. Once there, David didn't disappoint as he immediately took control. He fucked me in every room of his house, and stretched out every orifice he could slide his big dick into. He had me on my knees begging to suck his cock, then pushing me to the ground, my butt in the air so he could pound my poor asshole raw. 

My pussy though was probably ravaged the most as he fingered, ate, and screwed my new female muff to multiple wonderful orgasms. My pussy didn't even get a break when he needed to take 5, as he ordered me to finger myself for his amusement as he recharged. His sexual appetite seemed almost insatiable, and by the end of the night his libido left my female body sweaty and spent, with cum filling my belly and leaking from both my lower holes. At this point he mercifully decided to end our sex marathon, and too tired to move, I found myself passing out. 

I awoke the following morning lying next to David in his bed, slowly remembering I was currently a woman and all the things we’d done the night before. My body was sore from his roughness and the anal left my butthole aching so much that I was sure I’d be hurting even after transforming back, but still I smiled as I enjoyed every bit of it. I then did my best to quietly scoot off the bed and get dressed without waking him, preparing for my first walk of shame. I’d managed to place back on my panties and skirt, and started fiddling with my bra when I heard a voice commandingly say 'stop'. I found myself frozen, unable to move as David (now awake) moved into my line of sight. He ordered me to remove what little I had gotten on and my body, as if on auto pilot, listened and stripped me back down into the nude. 

He then ordered me back on the bed, spreading my legs wide to expose my vulnerable pussy as he positioned himself to penetrate my sensitive twat once more. I soon found myself wet, horny, and begging for him to pound me harder... kicking off another day of getting my brains fucked out. I was enjoying my extended time as his sexual slave, but I was starting to feel trapped as well. It seemed my only escape from David would be for the potion to wear off. As the hours passed and David’s interest in me remained strong, I found myself wondering when I would change back… when I’d have my dick back between my legs and David would no longer have power over me, but that moment never came. As day once again became night, I found myself still a member of the fairer sex and alas the only dick between my legs was David’s. 

Days passed, followed by weeks... but every morning I still awoke a woman. I couldn’t escape my female form either, since on our second day together David ordered that I never wear clothing without his permission, and so I couldn’t. I woke up every day naked, my soft feminine body still fully on display… constantly reminding me of my lost manhood, and the tits & pussy I was now stuck with. It also made me feel so vulnerable to be so exposed as a woman. I was now an object for David to ogle anytime he wanted, as if I were a painting he’d purchased. No clothing also meant my lady bits were always exposed, granting him full access to them anytime he wanted. I could be preparing a meal, or simply walking across the room, then suddenly I find myself bent over with my snatch deeply stuffed with his throbbing cock… leaving me grunting and moaning as he railed me from behind. 

Additionally, I was (as you may have guessed) living with David now. He’d asked me to abandon my old life and pretend it never existed... to stay with him as his obedient pet and start my life anew as his woman. Since I still couldn’t deny him, I found myself quickly agreeing to his request… now magically unable to leave him or acknowledge who I once was. I began to wonder how much of my old life would be left if I did change back… though the reason why I hadn’t changed back soon became clear. Around 6 weeks into womanhood is when I started experiencing morning sickness, and David had me take a pregnancy test, which confirmed I was carrying his child. You see, I was told the potion I drank would prevent death or serious harm to any living thing. I hadn’t thought much of it at the time as my male brain didn't consider a living thing could be conceived if I was getting my pussy creampied non-stop... but here I am: dickless, female, and a mommy-to-be. I was forced to watch over the last few months as my bared tits swelled with milk and occasionally leaked over my naked body, while my belly grew heavier with a child I would eventually need to push out of a tight little slit I was never meant to have… all constantly reminding me of the consequences of my actions. 

I’m stuck, now little more than a preggo sex toy… not permitted to wear clothes… unable to go back to my old life or mention that I was once a man… currently in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, while still being fucked everday by my master. Funnily enough though, he loves that I’m pregnant… telling me everyday that my growing belly and chest just make me sexier. As I gaze up at him, his cock in my mouth, I can see in his eyes that he means it. After all this time he still desires me, is turned on by me, maybe even… loves me? When I was a man, no one desired me like this… but as a woman, I am his prized possession… his favorite toy… his cherished work of art… it was a bit degrading the way I was treated and scary to never be in control, but David was never intentionally cruel and took care of my needs. He even talked about how he’s excited to be a father, and planned on knocking me up again so we can start a big family. 

To be honest, I don’t know what will happen next. Will I finally go back to being a man after giving birth, or is it too late? Sometimes I hope it is… that the potion has given up and decided that being an obedient sexy woman was best for me. Then I could continue sucking his cock while staring up at him and seeing the approval on his face of a job well done, or to have him plow my pussy from behind as he works to have me extend our family. Things didn’t go as I had plannedI’d been too afraid to live this fantasy longer than a day… but eight months in, I love what I am now. I’m a woman… I’m David’s woman… his sexy little fuck pet and mother of his future child… and I hope I get to stay that way for the rest of my life. 


AUTHOR NOTE: Thank you to WayBackWhen from for helping me with copyedit... anything that didn't sound like a silly bimbo (like I am) wrote this is thanks to him. :)

Sunday, October 23, 2022

A Fairy Made Me a Busty Slut

It’s funny how much changed in just a day. I was just a normal single guy living a normal single life. Now I’m a woman… my dick replaced with a tight female slit that was being thoroughly stuff by another man’s meat. His friend stood in front of me with his cock out and my lips wrapped around it… my head bobbing up and down as I surprisingly enjoyed the salty, sweaty taste of his manhood. My new giant tits bounced around and I was double teamed by these men… I was their plaything, their slut, their horny bimbo… and I was loving it….


A day earlier I was bored, sitting around my apartment when a strange creature appeared in front of me. She appeared to look like a small woman with pointed ears and wings… and explained that she was a fairy with magical powers. She was apparently bored too and looking for some way to entertain herself, and offered to grant me any wish within her power for fun. I don’t why I told this creature this but I told her I wanted to temporarily experience being a woman… but not just a regular woman… I wanted to be a horny woman with big tits and a high libido… a real hussy who wanted lots of sex.

"And this is definitely what you want?" the fairy asked me. She was grinning as she flew above my head, her hands shaking and legs squeezed together... obviously excited to see the results of my requested makeover. "Yes," I said while nodding to confirm. Her grin grew wider as she pulled out her wand. "Okay then... one big-titty, horny hussy coming up!" she said with glee as she started waving the wand around.

The first thing to happen was my clothes disappeared. I immediately covered up, embarrassed, but then heard the fairy giggle and responded, "It won't be as fun if you don't see the changes.”

 She then waved the wand again and I felt the changes start. My limbs shortened and skin became silk smooth, as my hips flared out and butt grew large and round. I could feel my face squeeze and reshape to become more feminine, while my hair lengthened out and shaped into a modern female style. I then felt a pressure on my chest, and looked down to see my breasts develop as my nipples doubled to the size of pencil erasers. I cupped the growing flesh in my hand, taking note of how heavy and sensitive they were becoming, before they stopped at around an E-cup. Then the final changes came, as I felt my balls pull up into my body with a bit of a 'slurp' sound, reforming into my new vagina, womb, and ovaries... while my penis shrunk down to the size of a pea, becoming the new clit nestled somewhere between my pussy lips. As my new sex finished it's transformation, I suddenly felt an ache between my legs... an emptiness, needing to be filled. 

“Looking good, but you know what would be fun to add…” she said as she waved her wand again. I felt a little tingle just above my new snatch, and looked down between my cleavage to see a kanji tattoo appear. “It’s a mood tattoo,” the fairy explained, “telling anyone who can read it what you’re pussy is feeling right now… and it definitely says ‘horny’ right now.” She giggled.

'Now to dress the big boobed Barbie-doll up' the fairy said as I felt myself lifted off the ground. I looked down below to see a pair of 6-inch pumps form on my feet. This was followed by a slutty dress that magically formed around me, and stretched tightly against my new rack and generous curves... leaving little to the imagination. I felt a pair of earnings appear on my newly pierced ear lobes, and my face was made up in what seem to be natural eyeliner and makeup... 

"There, all done... you're a big-titty babe like you wanted!" She then looked me over and grinned again, "You look pretty good like this... sure you don't want it to be permanent?" I shook my head. "No," I answered in my new high-pitched voice, "I just wanted to know what it felt like, but definitely want to change back. I don't want to lose my life as a man." The expression on the fairy's face showed some disappointment. "Very well…" she said in a slightly sad tone, "I'll give you some time to get acquainted with your new body, and come back later to reverse my magic. Now have fun girlie!" She then winked at me before flying out of my apartment window. I was alone... and had big tits... and a pussy... and God did I want to play with them.

The next few hours were then spent having fun with my new assets... squeezing my new mammaries and fingering my hungry slit. It took a bit to figure out what felt good in this body, but once I did I was on a roll... finger-banging my cunt to orgasm after orgasm. After a few hours though I found myself a spent sweaty mess. I was admittedly still somewhat horny, as if my needs weren’t completely filled, but I had reached the point where I was just satisfied enough to take a break. 

Stuck as a woman till the fairy returned, I decided to simply go about my normal routine in my new body. It was an interesting experience… feeling my boobs bounce and ass jiggle with every movement. Having boobs in particular was strange and at times frustrating... as fun as they were to play with when masturbating, they otherwise they seem to get in the way whenever I reached for something, and were quite heavy to lug around… making me understand why so many women complain of back problems. 

Also not having my cock and balls felt weird. They were appendages I had between my legs my whole life, and now they were replaced with a pair of puffy folds and a feminine slit.  With sexy time now on hold, I just recognized the emptiness down there, and the frustrations of not being able to properly stand to pee. Having to instead sit and feel a less controllable stream come from my new girl parts… then having to wipe afterwards to make sure it was all clean. If anything, my extended experience in womanhood was definitely make me appreciate my male self more.

Eventually though enough time had passed that night arrived. I was starting to get worried too as the fairy still hadn’t return. I was a busty babe longer than I planned to be, and was starting to wonder if she'd remember to come back. I stayed up a little later than normal waiting for her, and started another masturbation session incase this was my last chance with this horny hussy’s body… but as I wore myself out from another string of self-induced orgasms, I felt myself starting to pass.. I decided to call it a night, hoping she'd finally show tomorrow…

The next day, I was awoken to a noise next door... my neighbor was home. I pictured him in my head… he was a strong handsome man. Usually the thought of him made me jealous of his good looks or the women he got to fuck, but this time it was different. Instead the image of him made my body tingle and the needy ache between my legs double. I was no longer jealous of the women he got… I wanted to be one of those women... bent over and fucked hard with his dick. I looked down at my giant tits and sexy body, realizing I had the chance to experience one more thing thanks to the fairy's tardiness. I quickly squeezed myself back into the tight dress and long heels, and fixed myself up to be as presentable as possible. I then walked over to his apartment, excited yet unsure how this would all go… would he take me right here and now, or was I in for disappointment.

I reached his door and gave it a knock. As the door opened, I was in for a surprise as he wasn't alone... inside there was another man, just as big and handsome as him. I felt embarrassed for a moment… the senerio not going quite as I pictured in my mind, and unsure if I was even doing the right thing right now… but then I decided to ‘woman up’, deciding I now wanted to fuck both these men. I pulled down my dress and let my heavy fun-bags loose... grabbing their full attention. I then asked if they'd mind double teaming and fucking me silly... and to my relief, neither hesitated in saying ‘yes’.

Soon I was in the position you saw me at the start… being fucked from both ends. I could feel my body’s next orgasm growing… it felt better than before. My fingers had been doing a decent enough job earlier, but there was no contest to being completely filled and pounded by 2 big cock. I was in heaven… a nympho slut taking 2 dudes at once... an experience I would savor and always remember... when I heard a little voice...

"Having fun I see!"


I looked up to see the fairy there, hovering in the air. “I see your pussy tattoo now says ‘Love’, so I’m assuming that some really good dick!” She looked at me with that same grin as before, and silently I cursed her poor timing. 

"BTW, they can't see or hear me so we can speak freely,” she continued, “but unfortunately I'm running short on time, so if you want to be a guy again I have the change you now." 

I tried to answer her… asking her to give me a moment to finish… but with the cock in my mouth it only came off as inaudible mumbling. "I'm sorry but I didn't quite catch that... did you want to be a guy again or stay a girl?"

"A guy... a guy..." I said I weakly… the orgasm that had been building inside of me was close to coming and it was getting hard to focus… took a lot to just answer with the right words. However with mouth still stuffed with a large dick, the fairy still had to take an educated guess at what I said, and between my “Love” tattoo and pleasure induced grunts, she though she heard something else...

"You said ‘a girl’?... you want to stay a girl! I knew you wouldn't want to give up that horny sexy body!” 

"No no... noooooo..." I tried to cry out through my dick gagged lips, but it was in vain. “Enjoy your new life girlie,” she said as she wave to me happily, “I hope you’re life is ‘filled’ with plenty of good dick!” She then giggled while flying away, disappearing through a window, leaving me to live the rest of my days as a horny female slut. 

She admittedly didn't stay on my mind for long though. Soon after she disappeared I felt my orgasm crash upon my sensitive body. My body tensed up in the waves of pleasure, as I felt both men come too... feeling my pussy and mouth filled with their hot, sticky cum. I swallowed every delicious salty drop that entered my mouth, while my pussy’s creampie leaked out and dribbled down my leg. I laid there satisfied… the ache I couldn’t quite satisfy on my own was literally filled, leaving me feeling peace.

Eventually I would have to get up and deal with the consequences of letting the fairy leave without transforming me back. I was stuck as a woman now… my cock and balls were gone forever… my giant titties were permanent. I was doomed to a life of busty girl problems and sitting to pee… and many more I hadn’t yet realized. However in this small moment I felt bliss… I was a very happy, cream-filled bimbo… and with any luck, I would be again many more times in the future.


Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Magic Belly


"You have a magic belly?" I asked.

Sarah nodded as she rubbed her swollen, pregnant looking belly. "Yep, I'm not actually pregnant but cursed. If I touch a belly with my own, they will become as pregnant looking as me, though that person will actually be pregnant and give birth."

I rolled my eyes, not really believing her. I just moved to the area recently and Sarah was one of the first people I met. I definately felt there were some red flags with her being single and pregnant, but her friendly nature quickly lead to us being friends. We would hang out and I would help her out. Then one day I finally decided to ask her about her situation, and she fed me some story about offending a witch for not wanting to birth children and wishing she could just get other people pregnant instead. Thus she forced Sarah to carry a pregnancy that would never lead to birth, but would allow others to give birth instead.

"You don't believe me," she said with a grin. "Maybe you want to try it first hand?"

I chucked, "It can get men pregnant too?"

"Yep, though it will transform you into a woman for the duration of the pregnancy. You'll turn back into a man afterwards... as long as you desire too during the birth."

I shook my head. "You can't really think I'd believe tha...." but before I could finish, Sarah started stripping off her clothes. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm going to touch my belly to yours and prove it, but it's more fun to do if we're naked," she said with another sly smirk to me. "Now take you're clothes off too, I want to see everything that happen to you."

I still didn't believe her, but having not felt the touch of another woman against me for awhile, I decided to play along and strip down. As the last of our clothes hit the floor and we stood before each other in our bare skin, I took a look at her beautiful body. Her soft skin, fleshy mounds, and swollen tummy. I found myself getting really turned on as she slowly walked up to me.

She continued to smile as she extended her hand towards my body and used a finger to trace down my belly button. "Here we go," she says as she slowly pushed the navel of her large tummy into my own.

As the soft flesh touches me, I feel this strange sensation as if our bellies locked together. "What..." I half heartily comment, trying to understand what was going on. I then felt something flow from her belly into my body... like some sort of weird energy that made me tingle all over. I tried to move away from her, but whatever was flowing into me seems to be zapping my willpower to do so. She giggles and said, "It's too late now... you can't escape my belly till you're a fertile lady with a belly as big as mine".

I open my mouth to plead, but all that came out was a moan as the tingling in my body increased and I began to change. I closed my eyes and felt pleasure as my dick shrunk down into a little clit, and my balls pulled inside me, forming a new puffy pussy on the way in. I felt my balls push deeper and deeper inside me till it reached my abdomen, and then began to bubble and expand into my new uterus... I was now fully equipped to make babies.

As my womb finished developing, I opened my eyes and looked down to discover other changes had been occurring. My body hair was gone and my skin was soft and feminine now. Locks of hair also waved past my eyes as it had grown long and dark. I then looked up at Sarah to realize my height had changed too. Before I had a good 6 inches on her, but now it seem I had shrunk down to where she had a few inches on me. She continued to smile as she gentle spoke, "Almost done... now time to fill you up."

I then felt the flow of energy from her belly increase. I looked down again as I felt things grow and swell. My chest expanded, becoming sensitive fleshy tits sore with milk. My belly pushed forward, and grew bloated and heavy. The access energy also flowed from my womb and out of my new pussy, making it and my clit tingle in the process. I could feel a orgasm building inside me as I moaned and watched myself speed through months of pregnancy.

Finally I could feel myself nearing climax... I closed my eyes, ready to experience my first female orgasm, when suddenly... we separated. The flow of energy stopped. I opened my eyes to see back away slowly as she smiled and studied the shapes of my new body.

"All done," Sarah said gleefully. "You're just over 6 months pregnant now... but don't worry, you'll be ready to 'pop' in no time." 

 I looked down at my naked, swollen, female body. I had tits, curves, and a huge pregnant belly. In a matter of moments Sarah and her belly made me a girl with a bun in the oven... now doomed to experience something I should never have been destine to experience; child birth. I should have been scared... I should have been worried... yet... I wasn't. Instead I was frustrated... and horny.

I lowered my hand between my legs to feel my new sex... it was so wet and sensitive. I easily slipped a finger inside, and immediately moaned at the sensation of being penetrated. I bit my lip... the building orgasm from before was never realized, and now I desperately needed release.

That's when I felt Sarah grab my hand. As if knowing what I was feeling, she lead me to a nearby couch and had me sit down, lay back, and spread my legs. I watched as she then kneeled between my legs. "Let me show you how magic my tongue is too," she said, then gave a sly grin, "Just don't enjoy it too much, or you may never become a man again." She then buried herself into my crotch and began eating out my new muffin. As I laid back, squirming and moaning as Sarah worked my new sex, I thought, "If female orgasm are as good as this feels... maybe I wouldn't mind being a mommy forever."

Stuck as a Female Fuck Toy

  This is not how I’d pictured this going at all. Eight months ago I drank a potion to help me live out my secret fantasy... to be a woman. ...