Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Magic Belly


"You have a magic belly?" I asked.

Sarah nodded as she rubbed her swollen, pregnant looking belly. "Yep, I'm not actually pregnant but cursed. If I touch a belly with my own, they will become as pregnant looking as me, though that person will actually be pregnant and give birth."

I rolled my eyes, not really believing her. I just moved to the area recently and Sarah was one of the first people I met. I definately felt there were some red flags with her being single and pregnant, but her friendly nature quickly lead to us being friends. We would hang out and I would help her out. Then one day I finally decided to ask her about her situation, and she fed me some story about offending a witch for not wanting to birth children and wishing she could just get other people pregnant instead. Thus she forced Sarah to carry a pregnancy that would never lead to birth, but would allow others to give birth instead.

"You don't believe me," she said with a grin. "Maybe you want to try it first hand?"

I chucked, "It can get men pregnant too?"

"Yep, though it will transform you into a woman for the duration of the pregnancy. You'll turn back into a man afterwards... as long as you desire too during the birth."

I shook my head. "You can't really think I'd believe tha...." but before I could finish, Sarah started stripping off her clothes. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm going to touch my belly to yours and prove it, but it's more fun to do if we're naked," she said with another sly smirk to me. "Now take you're clothes off too, I want to see everything that happen to you."

I still didn't believe her, but having not felt the touch of another woman against me for awhile, I decided to play along and strip down. As the last of our clothes hit the floor and we stood before each other in our bare skin, I took a look at her beautiful body. Her soft skin, fleshy mounds, and swollen tummy. I found myself getting really turned on as she slowly walked up to me.

She continued to smile as she extended her hand towards my body and used a finger to trace down my belly button. "Here we go," she says as she slowly pushed the navel of her large tummy into my own.

As the soft flesh touches me, I feel this strange sensation as if our bellies locked together. "What..." I half heartily comment, trying to understand what was going on. I then felt something flow from her belly into my body... like some sort of weird energy that made me tingle all over. I tried to move away from her, but whatever was flowing into me seems to be zapping my willpower to do so. She giggles and said, "It's too late now... you can't escape my belly till you're a fertile lady with a belly as big as mine".

I open my mouth to plead, but all that came out was a moan as the tingling in my body increased and I began to change. I closed my eyes and felt pleasure as my dick shrunk down into a little clit, and my balls pulled inside me, forming a new puffy pussy on the way in. I felt my balls push deeper and deeper inside me till it reached my abdomen, and then began to bubble and expand into my new uterus... I was now fully equipped to make babies.

As my womb finished developing, I opened my eyes and looked down to discover other changes had been occurring. My body hair was gone and my skin was soft and feminine now. Locks of hair also waved past my eyes as it had grown long and dark. I then looked up at Sarah to realize my height had changed too. Before I had a good 6 inches on her, but now it seem I had shrunk down to where she had a few inches on me. She continued to smile as she gentle spoke, "Almost done... now time to fill you up."

I then felt the flow of energy from her belly increase. I looked down again as I felt things grow and swell. My chest expanded, becoming sensitive fleshy tits sore with milk. My belly pushed forward, and grew bloated and heavy. The access energy also flowed from my womb and out of my new pussy, making it and my clit tingle in the process. I could feel a orgasm building inside me as I moaned and watched myself speed through months of pregnancy.

Finally I could feel myself nearing climax... I closed my eyes, ready to experience my first female orgasm, when suddenly... we separated. The flow of energy stopped. I opened my eyes to see back away slowly as she smiled and studied the shapes of my new body.

"All done," Sarah said gleefully. "You're just over 6 months pregnant now... but don't worry, you'll be ready to 'pop' in no time." 

 I looked down at my naked, swollen, female body. I had tits, curves, and a huge pregnant belly. In a matter of moments Sarah and her belly made me a girl with a bun in the oven... now doomed to experience something I should never have been destine to experience; child birth. I should have been scared... I should have been worried... yet... I wasn't. Instead I was frustrated... and horny.

I lowered my hand between my legs to feel my new sex... it was so wet and sensitive. I easily slipped a finger inside, and immediately moaned at the sensation of being penetrated. I bit my lip... the building orgasm from before was never realized, and now I desperately needed release.

That's when I felt Sarah grab my hand. As if knowing what I was feeling, she lead me to a nearby couch and had me sit down, lay back, and spread my legs. I watched as she then kneeled between my legs. "Let me show you how magic my tongue is too," she said, then gave a sly grin, "Just don't enjoy it too much, or you may never become a man again." She then buried herself into my crotch and began eating out my new muffin. As I laid back, squirming and moaning as Sarah worked my new sex, I thought, "If female orgasm are as good as this feels... maybe I wouldn't mind being a mommy forever."

Monday, January 10, 2022

Stuffed Bird


"You don't do anything around here," Mike complained to his wife, "I'm the man of the house Shannon... and it would be nice if I came home from work to find you made me some sort of stuff bird, and have it waiting for me on the dining room table!"

"Oh, is that so?" Shannon said, "Well then, let me make you a stuffed bird..." Shannon, who husband was unaware she was a witch, then cast a spell. In a flash of light Mike found himself go from standing in front of his wife to now laying nude on the dining room table. Not only that, but she changed him too... he now was a woman with jiggly boobs, a puffy pussy, and a round pregnant belly. He felt between his legs, touching his new sex, as he looked up at his wife speechless.

"There," Shannon said, "You're now a 'stuffed' bird on the dining room table... and when the buns I left in your over are done and ready to come out, maybe I'll let you be the 'man' of the house again."

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Deal with a Witch

I always wanted to know what it felt like to be a woman; to know how it felt to have sensitive, squeezable breasts on my chest that bounced as I walked, and a moist slit between my legs instead of a dick and balls. Don't get me wrong, I liked being a guy and wanted to continue being one, but just for one day I wanted to know what it was like to be female instead…

This is what led me to Rowena, the witch of the woods. She was known for being mischievous and a bit dangerous... transforming trespassers of her property into trees and animals for her land. However she was also known to occasionally help people seeking her out, and if her powers were real, she would be able to let me experience my fantasy.

As I stood at her home’s entrance, I raised my hand and gave a knock. Footsteps came from inside as some approached the door and opened. I was then greeted by a beautiful curvy woman in what seemed to be her early 30s... it was Rowena. "Yes?" she asked.

I explained to her who I was and my fantasy to be a woman for a day, asking if she could help me make it a reality. She grinned... "What's in it for me?".
"I'm not rich, but I'll pay you back in anyway I can?" I said. Her grin grew... she then stepped aside and invited me in.

From the outside her home seemed like a small cabin, but from the inside it was more like a mansion with a large Foyer and multiple levels. She then lead me to a room on the first level with a large bed and satin sheets. "Here's my price..." said said, "I've grown lonely here over the years and have been wanting to have a child." She rubbed her belly. "If you help me produce a child, I’ll make you a woman for a day."

I was honestly surprised, but excited... not only did I get to have a female experience, but possibly have sex with this beautiful witch till she became pregnant. I quickly agreed and she smiled. "Then lets start," she said, "I want you to strip naked... it will be more fun this way." She winked at me, and with my own grin I began to strip. She then walked over to a nearby dresser, rummaging around for something, and as I removed the last of my clothing she returned with a small necklace in her hand. She placed it around my neck and closed the clasp. "This necklace will give me complete control over you, letting me reshape you anyway I wish." She looked me in the eyes and smiled again. "Now lay back onto the bed... this may feel intense."

I did as I was told, getting onto her bed and laying all the way back onto the silk-like fabric on it. I then looked back at her, still smiling as her pupils began to glow. I suddenly felt a heat from the necklace as a tingling traveled from it throughout my body, and she was right... it was intense. I could only lay back and moan in pleasure as the changes racked through my body.

I felt myself growing, shrinking, widening, pushing, and pulling all at the same time. My body diminished in size, losing around 6" as my skin became softer and darker in tone. Most my body hair receded in my body as the hair on my head pushed out of my scalp, becoming long and full. I could feel the breast tissue develop in my chest as I grew large sensitive mounds, while my butt expanded and hips flaired out a bit. Of course, but the biggest changes were happening between my legs... puffy feminine pussy lips formed around my genitalia, while my proud manhood shrank and disappeared inside of them, becoming a new little clit.

My testicles and scrotum then pulled into my body, forming my vagina and cervix along the way. When it reached my abdomen, I felt a bubbling in me as my uterus and ovaries formed from my old boy parts. I could feel them taking up space inside me, but of all the changes this one felt the strangest as they grew larger than I thought they would. I was beginning to feel large and bloated.

Finally the tingling feeling began to fade and I could finally relax. My mind took in how different my body felt… how much more soft and sensitive it was... the changes to the genitalia and how it rested between my legs... and the weight on my belly and chest. 

“You turned into a little cutie,” Rowena commented as she looked me over, seemingly proud of her handiwork. “Than-k ...thank you…” I said, stumbling over my words as I heard my new high-pitched voice for the first time. I knew it would change, but along with everything else, it took me by surprise for a second. “What a sweet sounding soprano you’ve become,” said Rowena.

My attention was taken away from her though as I felt something kick me from my belly. “Rowena, it feel like… oof… something is inside me?” I got out as I felt another kick.
“That because there is,” Rowena said with a giggle, “You’re 6 months pregnant with our baby.”

My eyes went wide. “Our baby?”

“Yes,” Rowena continued, still in a mischievously happy mood, “don’t you remember, you agreed to produce a child for me.”

“I thought you wanted me to get you pregnant?” I responded.

Rowena laughed. “Not at all… I have no interest in getting my body pregnant. However, since I was reforming your body into one that could be pregnant anyway, I’d figure I’d stick one in you as I made the other changes and help you complete your end of the deal.”

I tried to keep calm. While this isn’t quite something I expected or wanted, I was always curious about how it felt to be pregnant and give birth. Maybe I could look at this as a positive?

“So is this an instant pregnancy where I will give birth before the end of the day?” I asked, rubbing my bloated pregnant belly.

“Not really,” she said, “I pushed it up the pregnancy to the 3rd trimester to start, but I think I’m going to let you right out the last 3 months in real time.”

“But our deal was for me to only be a woman for a day… how can I be pregnant for 3 months if you’re turning me back into a man before that?”

She placed her hand to her face and gave me a look that I would describe almost as false pity. “Oh hon,” she started, “that wasn’t our deal. I said I would make you a woman for a day… I never said it would be the ‘only’ day.”

Was she serious? I was starting to worry. “How long will I have to be a woman for?” I asked.
“Technically our deal never specifically said I ever had to make you a man again, so as far as I’m concerned, your current female body is your to keep.”

“Nooo…” I whispered below my breath, “Please, don’t keep me this way…”but Rowena just brought her index finger to her lips to silence me, as her pupils began to glow again.
The necklace once again began to heat up and I felt a tingle through my body. However nothing seem to change physically on me this time. Instead I found myself feeling really warm… and horny…

As I stared at Rowena, I found myself sliding one hand between my legs as another reached up and started squeezing one of my new tits. I began to moan as my hand reached my new sex and started playing with it’s folds and dampening entrance. For a moment I thought about how trapped I now was with my new pussy… trapped to get wet instead of hard… squat to pee instead of stand… get penetrated instead of penetrate. “Penetrate,” I thought as I pushed a finger into myself. My vagina felt so tight against my little fingers, making me think about how it would be to push a child out of it… something I’d currently have to do in 3 months time.

However as I continued to play with my new body and genitalia, my horniness only grew as I felt an orgam start to build up inside me. I leaned back with my eyes closed as I continued to work my way to climax.

Through the touching and sound of sloshing as I played with my now very wet slit, I could hear Rowena speak again…

“To tell the truth hon,” she began, “ I’m quite proud to be a woman. So when you, a man, approached me to experience womanhood just for a day, I was a little offended. My gender isn’t a cheap outfit you can take on and off as you please. I think if you want to experience womanhood, then you need to experience it in full… all day, everyday… and now you will.”

As she finished talking Imy orgasm hit. It was amazing, but wasn’t satisfying. I wanted more. I began working my pussy again when I felt someone sit besides me. I open my eyes to see Rowena there, her hand reaching down to my sex, pushing my hand aside as she started playing with my womanhood. She seem to know exactly where and how to touch, so I laid back again and let her take control.

“Another thing I’ll mention… I’m a lesbian and have a thing for mom’s-to-be.” I felt her lean down and lick one of my sensitive tits before continuing. “ I may not want to be pregnant myself, but a woman with a big round belly and heavy with child just turned me on. That’s why I started you at the third trimester… I didn’t want to have to wait to see you become so big and round. I wanted to get a look at that big preggo body of yours now. “

My second orgasm hit. My body shook upon the bed again and my legs clamped down on Rowena’s hand. “Female climaxes felt amazing,” I thought as my body began to calm down. I loosened my grip on Rowena’s hand as she leaned down and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I opened my eyes and looked up at her… “Please don’t leave me this way. I don’t want to lose my old life... my friends and family.”

“It and they are still there, just different.” She reached out and tapped on the necklace she placed on me earlier. “This item is more powerful than I let on. It not only has the power to change someone physically, but to change their complete destiny as well. Over the next few months there will be a ripple effect through the rest of your life, changing it to match your current form. By the time you give birth, everyone will remember you as the woman you are today.”

I was still not pleased, but between 2 orgasms and knowing my life wasn’t completely gone, I was a bit calm. “What will I do till then?” I asked.

Rowena smiled. “Well… I did mention I was lonely, and I have so much space here… I think you should simply stay with me till then. Be my plaything and lover till our child is born, and I’ll help you experience everything you ever wanted of womanhood.”

I nodded. It didn’t seem like I had many other options, and admittedly… deep down… being stuck in my current form and at her mercy turned me on. If I was stuck, I might as ride out the fantasy.

Rowena then stood up, and started heading towards the door. “I’ll leave you alone for a bit,” she said, “Give you some space to get use to your new body. Oh… and if you want to do some experimenting, I have some toys in my top drawer.” She then gave me a wink and another smile… this time a bit warmer than before. She then exited the room, closing the door behind her.

I laid there for a second, taking in everything that happen in. I was a woman like I always wanted, but I was now one for the rest of my life and in 3 months time give birth to a new baby as payment to Rowena. I thought it was time to get up, and started rocking around my new weight till I was able to get on my hands and knees. “Aaaa…” I grunted out as I felt the weight of my new breast and belly pull down below me. I could also feel my wet pussy exposed behind me… vulnerable to be taken advantage of.

My mind began to wander, picturing someone big and strong behind me… grabbing my hips and thrusting their package deep inside of me. I closed my eyes began imitating the movements I’d make… pretending I was pumping myself in and out of a fat cock while my belly and breast swung below. I enjoyed the feeling and thought of getting fucked as a woman very much. I still couldn’t fully admit it, but Rowena was right… this was what I really wanted… not to be a woman for a day, but to be one forever.

“Hehe,” I heard, taking me out of the moment. I opened my eyes to see that Rowena was back. “Sorry,” she said, “forgot something… see you're having fun though.”

I looked at her, my aching wet sex still hanging in the air. I was horny again and wanted another orgasm… and with everything that happen, I decided to ask… “Any chance do you have a strapon to fuck me with?”

Her mischievous smile returned… “In fact, I do…”

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Pumpkin Patch


I wasn't always a cute little preggo. I use to be a man till I messed with the witch's pumpkin patch. Let me explain...

I just wanted a free pumpkin to carve for Halloween and she had tons in her garden. I thought she wouldn't miss any if I just took one, so one night when everyone was asleep I snuck in. As I wander through, doing my best to not make a sound, I spotted a nice little pumpkin that would do nicely. I reached down to pick it up, but as I touched the pumpkin a vine sprang forth and wrapped itself around my wrist.

I tried pulling loose with my free hand, but quickly the vine grew and wrapped itself around my other wrist, effectively tieing my hands together. I then felt a tug from below as I realized 2 more vines had come out and wrapped themselves around my ankles, and with a strong tug I felt myself swept off my feet, falling face forward into the soft dirt below. Before I could do anything else, I felt them them pull me in both directions leaving me unable to move. I was a bit scared, but still didn't want to alert anyone to my presence and did my best to stay silence, continuing to struggle loose from the plant.

As I tried to pull free though, I felt more vines slither around me. They slinked up my clothing and around my body, till finally I heard a tearing noise as my clothing were ripped off my body. My bare flesh was now exposed to the cool Autumn air as I was left naked in the open garden and at the patches mercy. I hate to say it but a small part of me was getting turned on by this as I felt my dick get hard. I think the patch sensed the same thing as I felt my legs pulled apart and a new vine slide passed my crotch and began poking at my taint. I grunted as I felt the plant push it's way into the tight hole. I opened my mouth wide, grunting from the feeling... but that allowed another vine shot forward and into my mouth. My ability to scream for help was now taken away even if I wanted to. I had no choice now but to let the patch do whatever it wanted to me, but I didn't have to wait long to find out what that was.

I felt the vines begin to pump into me and fill my body with some sort of liquid. My body tingled and grew hot even in the open cool air as I felt it change. My skin became softer and more sensitive as I felt myself get slightly smaller against the ground. My flat chest swelled out into perky sensitive boobs, as my manhood shrank and pulled deep into my body... becoming my new womb, ovaries, and pussy. My crotch went from hard and stiff to soft and wet... and the patch new I was ready. I was flipped over onto my back as I felt a new thicker vine penetrated my new womanhood. It pushed and stretched me wide, pulsating as it went deeper. The pleasure from my crotch as well as the penetration of both my taint and mouth was leaving in a thoughtless bliss. The feeling built up more and more over a few minutes till my body could take no more. My first female orgasm crashed upon me, leaving my body trembling against the vines and ground. I was spent and found myself passing out, but not before feeling something spray deep inside my new womanhood... it seems the vine had cum as well...

I was awoken the next day by the sound of giggling. I opened my eyes to see a woman standing above me, commenting on how cute I looked... it was the witch. As I began to move, I realized how strange I felt and looked down to slowly realized my situation. The vines were gone, but I was still laying nude in her pumpkin patch, completely exposed and completely a girl. Even worse, more addition seem to have come since I passed out. Beyond my perky breast was also a swollen belly... something was in me making me feel heavy and bloated.

I was about to ask what happen when I felt a pain in my abdomen and immediately felt the need to push. I felt pain and pleasure as I the large object squeeze through my birth canal. My new lady bits stretched wide and the object exited my body. I looked down in shock to see a fully grown pumpkin between my legs covered in my juices.The witch then explained to me the situation... she told me I had fallen pray to her Pumpkin Patches' curse, and that I had been pumped with magical pumpkin seeds. Everyday I will now give 'birth' to a new pumpkin, giving me my own permanent supply. I begged her to change me back and she smirked at me. Seemingly showing mercy, she made me a deal... she told me she didn't have the power to make me a man again, but she could give me an antidote to stop growing pumpkin . Her only condition was I had to carve a jack-o-lantern for her out of every pumpkin I birthed between now and Halloween.

As you can see, I have 3 so far for her with a 4th soon on it's way... and as weird as this all is, I'm enjoying the situation. I'm enjoying being a woman and growing a pumpkin inside me... feeling it develop before finally squeezing out of my body... giving me a mix of pain and pleasure, and sometimes even an orgasm. I also am having fun carving a new pumpkin my body personally made everyday, giving a face to my pumpkin children. They've been staying at my home, but she comes over ever day to see my latest work, and I find joy in showing them off to her. I definitely don't want to be a human pumpkin patch permanently, but maybe I can make a new deal with the witch... maybe this could be our new Halloween tradition...

Magic Belly

  "You have a magic belly?" I asked. Sarah nodded as she rubbed her swollen, pregnant looking belly. "Yep, I'm not actua...