Monday, August 16, 2021

A Mile in Her Shoes


When Zach arrived home from work, he discovered a package was waiting for him at his door. He pick it up and brought it in, noting that there was no shipping label on it. "That's strange, " he though.

Grabbing a knife, he openned it up. Inside were a pair of high heel pumps, a necklace, and a note. He picked up the note which read, "Walk a mile in her shoes. Know what it feels like to be a woman." "Ummm..." thought Zach, "That's weird... Know what it's feels like to be a woman? Why would I want to do that?" He then took the box and it's contents and placed them on his dresser, while grabbing a towel to take a shower.

As he washed and lathered himself, he thought about the note. "What would it feel like to be a woman?" he mused. He looked down at himself wondering what it would be like as a woman... how would he look, how would he feel. What it would be like with no dick between his legs, and walking around in those high heels? How would it feel to orgasm... he felt himself getting hard at the though, but in a moment of clarity he realized what he was thinking and shook those thoughts away. "I'm a guy," he'd said to himself, "why would I want to be a woman?"

He finished his shower and entered his bedroom in just a towel, taking notice of the box again. "How would it feel to walk in those shoes?" he thought as his curiosity rose again. He looked around... technically he was alone. It wasn't like anyone would ever know he tried them on. So he pulled out the heels and placed them on the ground, and squeezed his feet into them. As he gained his balance, he pulled the towel off and looked at himself... and felt silly. He was now a guy in woman's heels. "I don't think I feel like a woman," he said, chucking at himself.

He then noticed the necklace still in the box. "Might as well finish the ensemble," he thought since he was already in the shoes. He picked it up, pulled it around his neck, and closed the clasp... then suddenly his body began to tingle. The feeling suprised him, and he took a step backwards losing his balance and falling onto his butt. As he tried to lift himself up, the tingling got stronger and his body began to change.

He watched in awe as his body began to morph in front of him. His body hair pulled into his body as his skin became softer and smoother. His frame adjusted giving him a curvier figure, while long hair poured out of his scalp, brushing his face. Then the big changes happen as his penis a balls shrank and slowly pulled inside his body, leaving behind a long feminine slit... while his chest filled out and sagged down slightly to form 2 soft, jiggly breasts. Finally, to a bit of pain, he noticed a belly piercing magically appear on his belly button. "Holy shit!" Zach said in his new high-pitched voice.

He slowly got back up, trying to regain his balance between the heels and his new center of gravity. Once back on his feet, he slowly moved back towards the box, being careful not to trip in his heels and ignore the lack of any swinging between his legs. As he got to the box, looking for something to help him find out what happen, he noticed the note changed.

"Welcome to Womanhood! Now it's time to walk your mile. Complete 2000 steps in your new heels without tripping to become male again. Don't and you will spend the rest of your days as female. Lose the necklace and all changes are final."

"What did I get myself into?" he thought. He could barely take a few steps in the heels, much less walk a mile in them. He then looked up and saw his reflection in the mirror. He was gorgeous... def the type of woman he'd want to spend a night with. That's when he felt his new lower lips and thighs get damp. He felt between his legs, feeling a heat radiate from his new sex. He passed a finger through his wet slit and brushed past his clit, causing him to moan. His fear of being stuck in his current sex was replaced with curiosity of exploring his new body and genitalia.

"Well..." he thought, "till I can walk that mile, I might as well know what it feels like to be a woman..."

Thursday, August 12, 2021

F*ck Any Men?


A blonde-haired woman, wrapped in a red robe, began preparing her bath when she heard a noise from behind. She turned around to see a short raven-haired woman with large breasts standing there. "I see you're about to soak that cute little body of yours," raven-haired woman said with a smirk.

"You!" the blonde-haired woman said in a disdainful tone. Until around 9 months ago the blonde-haired woman was a man named Brandon, and had scored a date with a kinky raven-haired woman named Lexi. She was a sexually active and flirtaious woman, and proud of it. However through the date, Brandon would speak to Lexi in a way that would lust after her but also shame her for her sexuality... calling her such things as a 'slut' and 'whore in need of a cock'. Annoyed, she thought she'd teach him a lesson in womanhood and sexuality.

She reveled to him that she was a witch, and cast a spell on him. In seconds Brandon's male body transformed something smoother and softer with long blonde-hair, 2 soft breasts, and a feminine slit between his legs. Not only that, but as he looked at Lexi he realized he was no longer attracted to her... instead he was feeling the desire for a man to fuck him rough and hard.

Lexi explained that Brandon was now a heterosexual woman with the same libido as her so he could learn what it was like to be a woman with a healthy sex drive. The spell would also spread slowly through the rest of his life till everyone remembers him has a horny little woman. Brandon of course apologized and begged to be changed back, but Lexi stood her ground. She told him she would consider changing back in a year, but not any sooner than that. She then left him to his lesson.

Today though Lexi decided to drop in on Brandon to see how life as a woman was going for the former man. "So how's womanhood treating you?" said Lexi with a smile. "Enjoy fucking any men yet."

Brandon didn't say anything. Instead, he pulled open his robe and threw one foot up on the tub so his full front was on display. Lexi could see the bare breast and pussy lips she had gifted Brandon with months earlier, but now there was an addition in Brandon's mid-section. His belly pushed out wide, heavy and full with a child. "Did I fuck any men?" said Brandon. "What do you think?"

Lexi let out a gasp in shock, but then it slowly turn to giggle as she laughed at Brandon's situation. "Oh my God!" she said, "You're huge and preggo! You're gonna be a mamma!"

Brandon wasn't appreciative of the reaction. "This is all your fault!" he spat, "The only reason I'm like this is because you made me fuck men. I don't even know who the father of this thing is... I just can't wait till it's out of me and I'm a man again."

Lexi responded, "First off, I didn't make you fuck any men. You have the same sex drive as me, and I can very easily tell someone no or to use a condom. Second... " she bit her lip before continuing and a tinge of guilt on her face. "Once you reach the 3rd trimester of a pregnancy, the spell locks you in this form to protect the child. I'm afraid this is you forever now."

"No..." Brandon said, feeling his heart skip a beat. "You're lying." Lexi simply shook her head in guilt. "Sorry hon, I thought you would have some hesitation about sleeping with men and thinking it through... really didn't think you'd be willing to have sex with any guy you came across." Brandon slumped down onto the toilet pondering his life. He looked down at his breast and round pregnant belly... he thought this was only temperary punishment, but now it was his life.

"Well, look at it this way," Lexi spoke as Brandon looked up at her. "I think you're going to make a real sexy milf."

Saturday, May 8, 2021

What Was I Thinking?

What was I thinking. I had my whole life ahead of me... I just got my Masters in Biology. I had a good job lined up. I was single and the world was mine for the taking.

...but then I fell for a trap... I fell for her...

She was the most beautiful thing I had seen. Curvy, big breasts, and heavily pregnant. I couldn't explain to you quite why, but pregnant woman turned me on. Their soft round bodies with a life growing in it seem so beautiful and powerful... and she in particular I found hard to take my eyes away from.

I ended up staring a little too long and she noticed. However instead of being disgusted or scared, she seemed pleased. She approached me, started flirting with me, and invited me back to her place for some fun. I couldn't resist... but as I soon learned, I should have.

When we got to her placed we stripped out of her clothes, and I got to look upon her nude pregnant body in all it's glory. I thought it was glorious, and she knew how I felt. She started tracing the different parts of her body with the fingers while asking me questions... "Do you want this?

She traced her breasts, sliding past a nipple... "Do you want my soft breasts?"

...then traced slowly down her stomach... "Do you want to feel my belly and child?"

...and finally lowered her hand between her legs to cup her mound... "Do you want my pussy? Do you want my whole body?"

'Yes' I answered softly but without hesitation. She then got closer. Her face inches from mine as her warm curvy body rested against me. Her hand reached down and began stroking my cock. "What would you give me in return? Could I have your body? Your mind?" She maintained eye contact the whole time as she continued to work my manhood, waiting for her answer. Again I answered yes.

She smiled, leaned forward and kissed me. I immediately felt strange. My body felt like it was morphing; becoming smaller, weaker, bloated. My dick began to tingle like it wanted to come, but at the same time felt like it and my balls were pulling deep into my body. The bloating feeling increased as everything on me felt like it was expanding... then darkness.

The next thing I remember after all that was waking up in her bed. As I stirred around, I realized my body felt wrong. I opened eyes to see 2 hills hanging off my chest, and a mountain of a belly behind it. I reached out and grabbed my breast, feeling the soft mounds of flesh in my hand. I then realized I felt different down between my legs too... I reached my hand down their looking for my manhood, but could only find a sensitive vertical slit and a new hole where they should be. "Nooo..." I whispered out in horror.

 I slowly wiggled my larger body out of the bed and wobbled to a nearby mirror. What I saw in the reflection wasn't me but the same pregnant girl that brought me to her place. Then I remembered her questions; "Do you want my soft breast?""Do you want to feel my belly and child?""Do you want my pussy?". Questions I said yes to, and now I had them... her boobs, her belly, and her pussy.

In trade she wanted my body and mind. I didn't realize immediately what that meant, but as I began to think more I realized. I was missing chunks of my memories and knowledge. I couldn't remember the college education I worked so hard for. I couldn't remember the job I had lined up. I couldn't even really remember my past... my home, family, friends... even my own name was gone. I couldn't remember any of it, leaving me unable to find her to switch back... I was trapped

Instead I had her memories... I was now single and didn't know who the child's father was. I didn't have any family I was speaking to, and worked a minimum wage job at a supermarket. I had no education and no money. I placed my hand to my face ready to cry, while my other hand held my belly, feeling the child I would have to give birth to kicking me from inside. I was stuck... stuck as a woman... stock having to give birth... stuck as a mother. And the worse part... as much as I'm frightened and don't want any of it, something about being stuck this way is turning me on. I actually feel wet at my situation. What is wrong with me! What was I thinking!?!

A Mile in Her Shoes

  When Zach arrived home from work, he discovered a package was waiting for him at his door. He pick it up and brought it in, noting that th...